An Adventure to the South Pole of London!

Sausage Dog Hotel is closed for their holidays! (Hang on, whose holidays? It’s not THE holidays* yet, but there are only a few weeks before you have to go buy enormous meaty bones and tubs of delicious food for me and my friends.)

I digress. Me mates Stan and Ollie will be vacationing themselves at Four Little Paws for a couple of weeks, and I’ll pop out of my tent just to check they are not missing their humans too much. I doubt it. They’ll have Jack and Dingo to keep them amused.

Before that though, we had a nice long walkies the other day in the South Pole of London. There was quite a few of us. We had a few drinks and then got given lamb. See my face. I love lamb. But does look like Aliens have landed and their limbs are made of lamb. Oh my goodness. I am going to have to lie down after that though. What a dilemma. Lamb-limbed Aliens – Bark, Sniff, Salivate, Bite, Yum, Guilt?

It was a long day. I got a bus, underground train, cab, overground train and an overland train before I got home to the North Pole of London. I tried to go to sleep in just about every place we found. Richer Sounds let me in and they had a couch and I looked at the big TV for a bit, but just wasn’t conducive for sleep.

I even went to the hairdressers while the human got her head fur chopped. I got a bit of a lie down under the plastic blankie thing. People tried to make a fuss, but I was too tired at this point. But finally on the train home (I was promised it was home for real this time) I got a bit of a lie down. A chicken wing for tea (none for months then three in the past 3 days!) and I was out like a light. Today is a day for sleeping. Maybe even the whole week.

May the Paws Be With You.



*I know, this is American speak, but it covers a lot of ground (Thanksgiving, Hannukahaha, Christmas), so I’m with the hotdog-loving-weienerizers on this one


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