Barking up the right tree!

Herodog on the way..

Just back from holiday in Dorset with the humans and my best friends Stan and Ollie and thought I’d be able to take it easy today. I have never walked so far or for so long. Today was supposed to be a blankie day. I mean all day… but we had to go “for a walk” said Phil SausageDogHotel. My human apparently told him to “boot camp” me, but I was never given any boots to chew. I’m off those now anyway.

So walkies in the woods close to SausageDogHotel Secret Country HQ. I agreed to go along, as Stan and Ollie need a bit of chaperoning at times. Today I was not wrong and my services as a hero dog were needed. I knew they would one day. I sleep by day (and night, pretty much the whole time actually) under a blankie (or duvet, or… you get the picture), but come the need, I can keep up with the rest of them super hero celebrity dachshunds. I am just conserving my super scenting powers.

Seems like my kind of place...Humans that know me think I bark a lot. Well I do bark a lot. But you know what I’m saying? I’m telling the pack to stick together and warning them when big dogs go past. Sometimes I do bark for the hell of it. I like the sound of my own bark, admittedly.

But today, the humans had to listen. So here’s the story…. Ollie goes off after squirrels sometimes when we walk and I get fed up as it means we have to walk and wait longer. Even in the rain! Well today his humans tied him to Stan to stop him running off at his favourite spot. Ha ha, I thought. Stick together! They did. At first. Then they ran off!

Their human called them after a little bit, offering “crunchies” but we know he never really carries him. So not falling for the trick they didn’t come back. I got worried. They were ages. So I went to find them as I heard Stan and Ollie barking – like little puppies. They had got stuck in the undergrowth! I barked out loud (BOL)! It was the funniest thing.

But then action! I ran back to the humans and the one called Lia (I like her, she lets me sleep on the sofa next to her under her blankie sometimes) listened. She followed me and I led them to Stan and Ollie. They were still barking like little puppies… BOL!

Of course the humans congratulated me, thought I was a “hero”. Told my human too over the interwebs and I’m going to get a BIG BONE… well I thought if I write that I might…. TBC…

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