Ernie’s Spring/Summer update!

Hotel Sausage Dog              (You know the tune….lol) On the way to Bricket Wood, cool wind in my ears Warm smell of rabbit poop, rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance, I saw a marrow bone My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim As I […]

Ernie’s summer report

Autumn is here and I has been staying at Sausage Dog Hotel again on and offs. I thought I’d fills you in on me summer holidays and a bit of what me and my pals have been up to.  Seems hard to remembers now but we had a long hot summer and I am finding […]

Las Vegas Dachshund Rescue

During our recent holiday in the USA, while we were in Las Vegas, we had the great privilege to be invited to spend some time with the wonderful people (and sausages) of the ‘On My Way Home Dachshund Rescue’ at one of their adoptathon events. Based in Henderson, just outside Las Vegas, the group do […]

An Adventure to the South Pole of London!

Sausage Dog Hotel is closed for their holidays! (Hang on, whose holidays? It’s not THE holidays* yet, but there are only a few weeks before you have to go buy enormous meaty bones and tubs of delicious food for me and my friends.) I digress. Me mates Stan and Ollie will be vacationing themselves at […]

Dixter Dachshund Day – by Stanley

So a couple of weeks ago we had an amazing day out at an event called the Dixter Dachshund Day, which is put on by the Southern Dachshund Association. It was so much fun – there must have been 60 or 70 sausages there, and almost all of them we were meeting for the first […]

Beach fun!

Time to go home… :( – Trip report part 3 by Phil

Hi guys – I figured I should finish off the trip report following Stanley & Ollie’s stellar efforts in parts 1 and 2 – Ollie left off at the end of our 2nd day after I got back from my course at River Cottage. For those of you that don’t know – that was the […]

Nice sun spot...

It’s my birthday! Trip report part 2 by Ollie

So the second day of our trip happened to fall on the most important day of the whole year – our birthday! – Yes I know it is hard to believe given how youthful and handsome I am, but Stanley and I are now 3 human years old. I was a bit concerned that because […]

Our new garden....

Devon, here we come! Trip report part 1 by Stanley

Greetings sausage fans – Stanley here to fill you in on our recent holiday in Dorset & Devon – we had an amazing time! – We were lucky enough to take Ernie with us on the trip so it was sausage power all the way. We set out on Monday morning in the sausage-mobile- the […]

Barking up the right tree!

Just back from holiday in Dorset with the humans and my best friends Stan and Ollie and thought I’d be able to take it easy today. I have never walked so far or for so long. Today was supposed to be a blankie day. I mean all day… but we had to go “for a […]

Paws in the Park

Paws in the park!

Back from another amazing Paws in the Park! – As I have mentioned before, it is my favourite show of the year by far. I go to many dog shows throughout the year – companion, pedigree, fun, big, small, and everything in-between. But for me, this beats them all hands down. The sheer size of […]

Ernie’s Tent

Ernie has kindly agreed to do a blog for us about his adventures, which might largely consist of eating, sleeping, and hiding things in his tent. Stay tuned for the first blog entry coming soon…..  

Willow and Victoria

Over the last couple of weeks, Sausage Dog Hotel has been honoured to have as our guests Willow, shaded red and little Victoria, silver dapple puppy, aged 11 weeks. Stanley & Ollie (and their friends) have had a great time meeting and becoming friends with this delightful pair, who are soon to embark on a […]

Stanley & Ollie

Stanley & Ollie’s adventures

It’s been an exciting time recently here at Sausage Dog Hotel, as we have had lots of visitors and guests, been on lots of different walks and this weekend we got to go to Paws in the Park again, which is just SO much fun every year. Willow and Victoria came with us this year, […]