Devon, here we come! Trip report part 1 by Stanley

Greetings sausage fans – Stanley here to fill you in on our recent holiday in Dorset & Devon – we had an amazing time! – We were lucky enough to take Ernie with us on the trip so it was sausage power all the way. We set out on Monday morning in the sausage-mobile- the weather was awful – really heavy rain – I was just hoping that wherever we were going would somehow be sunny, but it wasn’t looking good. But we seemed to drive through it and come out the other side in lovely sunshine!

Excellent rules!After a couple of hours we arrived at a place called the New Forest, and headed into a pub called the New Forest Inn. They looked after us really well and while the humans ate their human food they brought us nice doggie biscuits and water and were really friendly to us. After we all ate we went for a walk around the area – met a couple of the local dogs, but no sausages to be found anywhere. Few horses and cows though. Seemed like a really nice place for walks – hope to get to go back there again and stay longer next time.

After our walk we headed out again and drove on down to the coast, eventually arriving at our new home late in the afternoon. We stayed a place called Kates Farm which was so amazing. The human owner, Kate, welcomed us warmly and showed us around this lovely farm.

Our new garden..

One of the first things she showed us was a nice garden out the back of the farmhouse where I came face to face with a live version of one of my favourite foods – chicken. I stared at them and barked at them for a while and pondered my next move, but the humans pulled me away shortly afterwards and we went back inside for a tour of the house.


Self service dinner?

Our room led right onto the garden on one side and into a lovely lounge area on the other side – they had lots of lovely sofas for us to jump on and even a real fire. It was perfect.

Then we met the 3 dogs that lived there – they were called Mayze, Bob and Fearne, all partly Jack Russell, and they were really nice to us welcoming us into their home. They even took us out on a lovely walk around some lakes near the farm on one of the days we were there. Ernie and his human were staying upstairs in a room that had a whole bunch of huge beds and as Ernie had 2 of his own beds and his tent with him he must have been spoiled for choice as to where to sleep!

Even though it had already been a long day we headed out again into a little town called Lyme Regis for the humans to get some dinner – they ate at a nice sausage-friendly place called The Pilot Boat Inn – after dinner we went for a night-time walk along the sea front. The humans tried to get us to pose for some pictures but it was getting a bit cold by that point so we weren’t really into it, and vowed to go back and try again the next day…..

I like this fire thing - can we get one at home?

We got back to Kates Farm and got tucked in for a nice sleep ready for the next adventure….


To be continued……  (probably by Ollie)

Will post lots more pics on Facebook soon 🙂

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