Dixter Dachshund Day – by Stanley

So a couple of weeks ago we had an amazing day out at an event called the Dixter Dachshund Day, which is put on by the Southern Dachshund Association. It was so much fun – there must have been 60 or 70 sausages there, and almost all of them we were meeting for the first time.

Willow & Victoria were staying with us so they came along, and we also met up with Duke & Lottie and a few other friendly sausage faces when we got there. We all had a go at the agility competition – I was pretty happy with my performance, although I know I can do better, but they had this barbecue going with some lovely smelling meat, and I found that a bit distracting… I still managed to come 4th overall, so can’t complain, and my good friends Duke & Lottie came 1st and 2nd.

Then they had races, which of course we love. They even were thoughtful enough to give us something to chase, to make it a bit more organised, which I very much appreciated. I never got hold of it completely, but it looked a lot like a squirrel, and we all know how much we love to chase those! I just noticed from watching the video that Lottie got hold of it at the end of her heat and fought like crazy not to give it back – I will have to ask her what it tasted like when I see her next…

So I performed really well, winning my heat and then the Semi final. In the grand final I was up against the standards, with their longer legs, but I gave it my all and came 2nd – there was no way I was going to catch that big one once he got going lol

It was all great fun though, and all us visiting sausages held our own, with Duke, Lottie & Willow all winning their heats, and Ollie finishing a close 2nd in a somewhat rough race lol – take note – he does not like other sausages to cut across him while racing!

After all the fun and excitement of the Dixter day we decided to go to the beach at Camber Sands, which was amazing and so soft. Watch out for a video of our beach visit coming soon, but for now please enjoy our Dixter adventures!

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