Ernie’s Spring/Summer update!

Hotel Sausage Dog             

(You know the tune….lol)

On the way to Bricket Wood, cool wind in my ears

Warm smell of rabbit poop, rising up through the air

Up ahead in the distance, I saw a marrow bone

My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim

As I realised it wasn’t there and I was not alone


When we got to the doorway

And in through the door

And I was thinking to myself,

“This could be Blankie or or this could be Dinner time”

Then Uncle Phil took all our leads off 

I thought I heard him say…


Welcome to the Hotel Sausage Dog

It’s bone night tonight (bone night tonight)

But only for you (Ernie)

Better book up if you want to stay at the Hotel Sausage Dog

Any time of year (Any time of year)

You will be lucky to sleep here!


Me patrolling Hampstead Heath

So it’s soons time for a long stay at the Sausage Dog hotel and I’ve got a lot of lovely friends to see and of courses Elvis my brother from another mother will be joining me. Well for part of it, as I think he’s got a special Sausage Dog Boot Camp to go to. Hope there will not be any puppies to put in their place, as I recently had to “discipline” Dr. Snuggles (watch the video on the Facebook page) as he just will nots leaves me alone!

Disciplining Dr Snuggles...

Disciplining Dr Snuggles…

I does love the food at Sausage Dog Hotel, fellow sausage company (sometimes) and of course ensuring I gets MY spot on the couch with a blankie. It can be tirings though, having to gets off the couch and sort out the odd fistipaws and make sure everyone respects MY sleepy times. New guests in particular can be a little rambunctious at times and need a good BARKings at!

Then there are the wirey ones that visit that you gots to watch, I think Mogi and Puki will be there when I am. Thankfully the wireys will be outnumbers by us smoothies, with Jasper, Daisy, Peanut, Monty & Rupert.

As much as I love Hotel Sausage Dog I do wish sometimes I could check out and get home to the human (although of course she isn’t there or I wouldn’t be here). I wishes also I coulds never leave, especially on days when Uncle Phil wants to takes us walking. There is a lots of walkings and this goes against my natural need for sleepings. I’m sure we’ll have lots of updates on what I and my fellow guests gets up to – so follow the facebooks page for more!

Elvis & me mates Stanley & Ollie

Elvis & me mates Stanley & Ollie

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