Ernie’s summer report

Autumn is here and I has been staying at Sausage Dog Hotel again on and offs. I thought I’d fills you in on me summer holidays and a bit of what me and my pals have been up to.

 In me tent at agilitySeems hard to remembers now but we had a long hot summer and I am finding the weather change a bit wet and drizzly and windy. I prefers to stays inside most the time, but we been going for our usual walks, even in the rain. Too many walks generally if you asks me. I have tried to hides but am always founds. I guess I am predictable and usually can be founds hiding under a blankie or in me tent when it comes to walkies time. I have even tried hiding under Uncle Phil’s Sausage Dog Hotel fleece (to no avails of course). I so enjoys it when we gets out mind you, but Shhhhhh!

 Me Rosettes

Stuffs that we’ve been doing over the summer included the first ever dachshund agility competition. I came fourth (I knows, human let me down) but I gots a nice rosettes and some treats. So, success really! Stanley was distracted by chickens and Ollie refused to do any jumpings until he had some of my hot dog sausages.

 OK, I kinda liked her. But you know. Pink. Not my colourMe and some of me mates also tooks part in a doggy fashion show. This was good fun now I thinks about it, but at the time me and me pals Dolly and Reggie weren’t too chuffed over its. We gots I wear hats and costs and sit in a doggy bag, but I was glads when it was all overs and could go home to sleep.

here arnd thereMe human also took me to a jive event in South London and we danced to Hound Dog by Elvis. I was so good doing me paw and high fives, turn and speak, down and I finished with a roll over. Maybes Uncle Phil will film me dancing for you one days.

But all this paw work has made me sleepy.

So unless it’s “bone night”, I’m off to sleep! Night!


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