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Our buddy Ernie lets off some steam!

Ernie’s Spring/Summer update!

Hotel Sausage Dog              (You know the tune….lol) On the way to Bricket Wood, cool wind in my ears Warm smell of rabbit poop, rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance, I saw a marrow bone My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim As I […]

Ernie’s summer report

Autumn is here and I has been staying at Sausage Dog Hotel again on and offs. I thought I’d fills you in on me summer holidays and a bit of what me and my pals have been up to.  Seems hard to remembers now but we had a long hot summer and I am finding […]

Barking up the right tree!

Just back from holiday in Dorset with the humans and my best friends Stan and Ollie and thought I’d be able to take it easy today. I have never walked so far or for so long. Today was supposed to be a blankie day. I mean all day… but we had to go “for a […]

Ernie’s Tent

Ernie has kindly agreed to do a blog for us about his adventures, which might largely consist of eating, sleeping, and hiding things in his tent. Stay tuned for the first blog entry coming soon…..