It’s my birthday! Trip report part 2 by Ollie

So the second day of our trip happened to fall on the most important day of the whole year – our birthday! – Yes I know it is hard to believe given how youthful and handsome I am, but Stanley and I are now 3 human years old. I was a bit concerned that because we were down in Devon that we might not receive an acceptable amount of treats and attention, especially as Phil had apparently picked this day to do his ‘cooking’ course at a place called River Cottage, and would be gone all day.

Before we went out we had a nice breakfast at the farm, and got to meet a lovely Australian family who were staying also – I particularly liked the little girl and I let her hold me and carry me around for a while..  Then we went upstairs to check out a nice sun spot that Ernie had told us about on the window ledge in his room and took a quick pic:

Nice sun spot...We headed out into Lyme Regis again and parked at the top of a very steep hill – our walk down into the town took about an hour because we kept meeting new dogs, including lots of sausages, so we had to introduce ourselves and get all the local gossip. Our favourite sausage we met was called Hector and was a handsome standard wire-haired.


Meeting Hector

It was time to hit the beach, but we were disappointed to find that in this area they don’t seem to want dogs on the nice looking sandy beach, at least not until the end of October – ridiculous if you ask me – I mean they let those seagulls sit there all day long and they make way more mess and noise than we ever would. Anyway they did let us go on the beach further down so we made the best of it, even though it was very stony and hard to navigate for us sausages. Down on the sea-front there were lots of yummy looking food outlets – we were excited to see this place called “Herbies” because one of our best sausage friends is called Herbie and we were hoping that this might entitle us to some samples, but it turned out it was a different Herbie 🙁

We are friends with Herbie - can we have some free food?The humans also saw a Hog Roast place and started talking about getting us one for our birthday, but alas, there was disappointment waiting there too…

One whole hog please...But it's our birthday??

Finally though we stopped for the humans to get some Fish & Chips and we scored big there! And then for dessert Sara bought us our very own ice cream – Clotted Cream Vanilla flavour – Yummy yummy in my tummy!

We went back to the farm around 4pm and curled up by the fire waiting for Phil to come home, which he did a couple of hours later. I am not sure what kind of cookery course it was, but they didn’t make any dog treats, so I see no value in it really… But he seemed very please with himself and the humans all ate some of the food he brought back. Then they went to the shops and got even more food and had a picnic in the lounge – we did pretty okay here with some nice cheeses and other treats – even some clotted cream!

So all in all it was a really nice way to spend our birthday – eating treats on the seafront with our best friend Ernie – we ended the day all curled up in our sleeping bags by the fire….

Sleepy time....

Coming soon… 3rd and final part…..


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