Las Vegas Dachshund Rescue

During our recent holiday in the USA, while we were in Las Vegas, we had the great privilege to be invited to spend some time with the wonderful people (and sausages) of the ‘On My Way Home Dachshund Rescue’ at one of their adoptathon events. Based in Henderson, just outside Las Vegas, the group do simply amazing work, rescuing dachshunds and other small dogs from animal shelters, puppy mills, and other locations where their very lives are in danger, and placing them into loving foster homes around the Las Vegas valley, until they can find forever homes for them through their adoptathon events and other promotional efforts. We were almost halfway through our holiday at this point, and had been away from our own sausages for over a week, so whilst we wanted to learn more about their operation, we were also selfishly looking for a little sausage fix to tide us over till we could get home to our waiting Stanley & Ollie, and friends. What we found when we arrived was more than we could have imagined.

The adoptaphon was being held outside a DIY dog wash parlour called ‘The Soggy Dog’, in Henderson, Nevada, a great idea which seems to be very poplular, where you take your dogs to a fully equipped booth and wash your dog yourself, with all the equipment, soaps and lotions provided for you, but with the bonus of all the filth being far away from your home! How I wish that there was a facility like this on the outskirts of every London park, especially in winter!

There were over a dozen beautiful sausages playfully running around just waiting for their future owners to come and meet them. Everywhere you looked there was another cute face looking up at you just begging for a cuddle, and we definitely got our fix, and much much more.


Here are a few pics and video from our short time there. In the few weeks since we have been back, some of these lovely hounds have now found their forever homes, which is fantastic news. But many are still available, so if you are in, or know anyone in the Las Vegas or nearby area that could give these stunning sausages a loving forever home, please contact the group through their website or facebook page. As I said to them on the day we were there, I only wish there was a way for me to have brought them all back to England, as I get constant enquiries from people looking to rehome sausages, with only a few ever coming up for rehoming, so feel sure I could get them all into loving homes in a matter of weeks. Who knows, maybe one day we will find a way to set up a trans-atlantic rescue effort…..

Click here for video montage..            Click here for more great pics

Huge thanks to the ‘On My Way Home Dachshund Rescue’ for the great work they do, and for being so welcoming to us, and helping us out with our sausage fix. Please visit their facebook page and support them if you can:

On My Way Home Dachshund Rescue Facebook Page

On My Way Home Website


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