Paws in the park!

Paws in the Park

Back from another amazing Paws in the Park! – As I have mentioned before, it is my favourite show of the year by far.

I go to many dog shows throughout the year Рcompanion, pedigree, fun, big, small, and everything in-between. But for me, this beats them all hands down. The sheer size of the location gives them the opportunity to offer so many different events and activities, and have them all going on simultaneously  Рin fact there is so much to choose from, a single day is really not enough to get around to everything you want to.

Next year I plan to stay the whole weekend and camp overnight as once again, there were things I didn’t get to see/do just because of running out of time.

Willow excited about going over the Dartford bridge on the way to Paws in the Park!

Stanley & Ollie had a great time as always, and I had several other sausages with me too this year, including little sliver-dapple puppy Victoria, who, even though she spent a lot of the day tucked up in my bag, must have garnered more attention than some of the events. I think she must be a serious contender for the most socialised puppy of the year award as she must have been cuddled by over 100 people on this day alone. But then who can resist a mini-dachshund puppy? ūüôā

The Dash n Splash team once again did an amazing job, and were gathering big crowds throughout the day. I know Stanley & Ollie really want to have a go, at least in the little pool – hopefully next year we will get to give them a trial! – Things like this are for me the main reason why this show beats all the others – there are so many ‘have-a-go’ activities for dogs of all shapes and sizes. From agility to hurdle racing, obedience to fly-ball, dogstable couse to frisbee fun, there really is something for every one of our four-legged friends to get involved in.

Add to this the vast array of exhibitors with so much more space to work with than at other shows – most of them offering great show-only prices even on everyday purchases like food and supplies, and you have a great balance of everything you could ever want at a show.

Met so many new friends and some potential future guests at Sausage Dog Hotel too!

Once again, I am already counting the days till next year….

Four exhausted sausages sleeping soundly on the way home after an amazing day!

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