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The adventures of our resident sausage dogs, Stanley & Ollie

Barking up the right tree!

Just back from holiday in Dorset with the humans and my best friends Stan and Ollie and thought I’d be able to take it easy today. I have never walked so far or for so long. Today was supposed to be a blankie day. I mean all day… but we had to go “for a […]

Paws in the Park

Paws in the park!

Back from another amazing Paws in the Park! – As I have mentioned before, it is my favourite show of the year by far. I go to many dog shows throughout the year – companion, pedigree, fun, big, small, and everything in-between. But for me, this beats them all hands down. The sheer size of […]

Stanley & Ollie

Stanley & Ollie’s adventures

It’s been an exciting time recently here at Sausage Dog Hotel, as we have had lots of visitors and guests, been on lots of different walks and this weekend we got to go to Paws in the Park again, which is just SO much fun every year. Willow and Victoria came with us this year, […]