Stanley & Ollie’s adventures

It’s been an exciting time recently here at Sausage Dog Hotel, as we have had lots of visitors and guests, been on lots of different walks and this weekend we got to go to Paws in the Park again, which is just SO much fun every year.

Willow and Victoria came with us this year, and we also gave our Toller friend Harvey a lift there too, as he is going to be staying there with Jack, Dingo and the rest of the Four Little Paws pack in their tent. We met lots of new sausage friends while walking around the various events and hope that some of them get to come stay with us very soon.

There were so many fun things to do again – the humans still haven’t let us have a go on the Dash n Splash, but hopefully next year they will. After all, I think we have proven our swimming skills by now surely? Our friends Jack and Dingo did really well in the obedience and agility competitions, and no doubt they will do well on the second day too. Also fellow sausages Lottie and Duke were there and did a couple of great runs in the hurdle racing – there is a video of it on Facebook somewhere..

Tomorrow we are going on a mini-break to Devon, somewhere we have not been before, but I have heard it is lovely. I just hope we get some nice sunny weather and get to have some fun on the beach during our stay there. Ernie is coming with us too, so we are ready for a big sausage adventure!

Will post a report when we get back later in the week – Till then have fun sausages!

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Stanley & Ollie

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