Time to go home… :( – Trip report part 3 by Phil

Hi guys – I figured I should finish off the trip report following Stanley & Ollie’s stellar efforts in parts 1 and 2 – Ollie left off at the end of our 2nd day after I got back from my course at River Cottage. For those of you that don’t know – that was the reason the trip came about in the first place. I had wanted to go there for a while and was lucky enough to be given a voucher for one of their day courses as a christmas present from Lia. We figured if we were going all that way then we may as well make a trip of it and stay for a few days, and then the boys invited Ernie to join us on the trip so it became as much a holiday for them as for us.

We all had such a great time – We were so lucky with the weather, considering the day we left was torrential rain for the first half of the drive down. But we got nice sunshine on every day we were there and managed to get to the beach all 3 days..

Beach fun...On the final day we had planned to go for lunch at the River Cottage Canteen in Axminster, just a few miles away. Unfortunately they do not allow sausages (outrageous I know lol) but we were lucky enough that Kate had offered to do some sausage sitting for us  for a few hours to enable us to go. I really can’t say enough nice things about Kate’s Farm where we stayed. There’s a review going up on Trip Advisor with more details and pics, but I encourage anyone that might be planning a trip to the area to please give her a call. So many places claim to be dog-friendly when they really are just dog-tolerant at best – Kate’s Farm would be better described as dog-loving, and they are made to feel part of the family from the moment they arrive. Check out this picture of Ernie who set up his tent bang in the middle of the lounge – I wonder what Kate’s 3 dogs made of it all….

Ern's tentAfter we had breakfast and packed up our things, we headed into Lyme Regis again and made our way down the steep slopes to the sea front. The dogs had a nice run and play on the beach. The area where dogs are allowed is pretty stoney, but there are some nice sandy patches too – I am looking forward to going down there again outside of the summer season so we can take them on the very nice looking parts of the beach.

Heading down to the beach...The nicer beach...

After giving the boys a nice walk we returned them to the farm and left them with Kate and her pack, and headed into Axminster for lunch. The River Cottage Canteen as expected served up some amazing food, and had a great menu choice, which of course changes every single day depending on the fresh produce in the area. The town of Axminster seemed really nice too and next visit we will hopefully have more time to check it out in a bit more detail. But we had a long drive ahead of us and needed to head back to the farm to pick up the sausages before Kate started to worry that she now had 6 dogs instead of 3!

River Cottage CanteenThe Menu

So we packed up the cars – Ernie was coming back with us to Sausage Dog Hotel, as his owner Sara was off to Vienna for work, but as we were going to stop again halfway in the New Forest, he did the first part of the journey home in his regular Ernmobile, then transferred to the Sausagemobile to come home with us. He slept the entire journey anyway so he probably didn’t notice much – in fact I think 3 days of steep hills and running on the beach had taken its toll on all 3 of them. But they had a blast, as did we. Looking forward to planning another trip back down there soon – I think Stanley, Ollie & Ernie have already begun inviting their mates to join us on the next trip, so Kate will not know what has hit her next time we show up!

Sara & ErnieYes please!


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