What We Offer

We have a very large, fully enclosed garden for them to play in, including a doggie pool when the weather is nice (Stanley & Ollie love to swim, as do many of their sausage friends), toys, games, brain-training puzzles, and lots more to keep them fully entertained and active.

All dogs that stay with us are treated as members of the family, just like our own Stanley & Ollie, and will NEVER be left alone at any time. They will also receive at least one long walk every day in varying locations including parks/trails/countryside etc.We are also extremely active in many of the dachshund groups all over the country, and attend regular meet-ups where they will be able to interact with even more of their sausage buddies.So you can entrust your dachshund(s) to our care at Sausage Dog Hotel, knowing that they will be safe, active, and generally having a blast!


Full liability insurance

Large, fully enclosed garden

All dogs are supervised 24 hours a day

Pick up & drop off service available by arrangement

Regular walks and meet-ups with other dachshund groups

Discounted rates for multiple dogs/extended stays

Regular photo/video updates provided if requested

Special diets, medication or other special needs or requirements catered for


Where do the dogs sleep at night?

Wherever possible, we try to replicate whatever their routine is at home. So if they sleep in a crate or bed at home, they can do the same while staying with us – It’s a good idea to bring their own beds or crates as it often helps them settle better and have their own space away from the group. The majority of dogs that come to stay with us end up sleeping all together on either the couch or one of the larger beds or cozy caves, in a big pile. No matter how many beds and other options you give them, that just tends to be what happens – but we can do whatever you prefer and are able to be very flexible. I even let some regular sausage guests sleep on the bed with us if that’s what they are used to doing at home -whatever makes them the most comfortable is what we aim to do.

Does my dog need to be neutered/spayed?

We generally do not take adult males in-tact past the age of 8 months, as the presence of the testosterone often creates tension within the group, and they can become a target for the pack, and potentially create a dangerous situation. There is also a strong likelihood that they will scent mark in the house, even if they do not do this at home, just on instinct due to the large amount of other dogs scents here. We are always willing to do a trial visit/stay and occasionally are able to make an exception if none of these issues arise, but in most cases it simply isn’t possible for longer stays unless neutered. Unspayed females are welcome as long as they are not in heat, or likely to come into season during their stay.

Do I need to provide food?

We are more than happy to provide food for our guests during their stay – the vast majority of our regulars (and our own boys) eat a raw food based diet, so we always have a large supply of a variety of raw meats, bones and treats available. We also keep a limited supply of many commercial dog foods, both dry and wet, so almost all diets can be catered for. If you would like your dog to remain on a specific brand or special diet while they are here, then you will need to provide enough for their stay, and we can ensure that they are fed only that.

My dog needs regular medication – is this okay?

Yes we are experienced in all kinds of medical situations and will ensure that they stick to their medication routine or regular injections while staying with us.

I see most of your regular guests walk off-lead – Can you keep my dog on a lead?

Yes of course this is not a problem. Most of our guests are very comfortable being off-lead and have excellent recall, but we do have several regulars who have to stay on-lead at all times, and it is not a problem to do this. Just make sure you tell us in the relevant section of the info/registration form before their stay.

Do you take other breeds?

We do on occasion take other breeds if they live or spend regular time with another sausage dog. But we need to do a short trial visit or stay to make sure there are no problems interacting with the pack.

Can humans book in to stay?

We get asked this daily, but unfortunately we do not have the facility for humans to come stay.

Can we come to visit and play with the dogs?

The most common question that we get, but sadly this is not possible, as strange humans coming into ‘their’ domain gets the sausages very excited, and some even anxious, and it can take a long time to get them settled again afterwards. So we try to limit the number of humans coming and going to those dropping off/picking up their own dogs. We do make exceptions from time to time for special circumstances or if it is a quieter time of year, but as a general rule it is not possible.