1.All dogs are supervised 24 hours per day.

All our guests are supervised at all times, with the only exception being an emergency situation such as illness or injury when an immediate trip to the vet might be needed.

2.We aim to give all dogs at least 1 walk of an hour or more per day.

Dogs are generally walked in one large group together and can be walked on or off lead, depending on your preference. If you would prefer or need your dog to be walked alone on shorter walks, or even not to be walked at all, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this wherever possible.

3.All dogs are free to roam around our house and garden at will.

Our garden is fully enclosed and secure, and all areas of the house that are open to the dogs are safe and dog-proofed. If you would like your dog to be confined alone, either for training/medical/recovery purposes or behavioural issues with other dogs, please just discuss this with us in advance.

4.Any special circumstances must be discussed with us prior to booking.

If your dog has any history of behavioural problems with other dogs, or needs any special treatment or handling, please let us know in as much detail as possible prior to booking. We like all dogs to have fun with each other in a relaxed environment, so if any dog is overly aggressive to the other dogs whilst in our care, or poses a threat of any kind, they may be safely crated for the protection of all. This will only ever be done as a last resort in exceptional circumstances.

5.All property is left at the owner’s risk.

We love it when the sausages bring their own beds, blankets, favourite toys etc, but any damage or destruction of property due to everyday sausage fun and antics will be considered accidental and will not be replaced or reimbursed by Sausage Dog Hotel.

6.Photos and video of your dog during their stay.

We take many photos and videos of all the dogs that stay with us, and share these daily across social media, and our own website. If for any reason you do not wish photos of your dog to be shared publicly, please make this clear prior to leaving your dogs with us. All photos and video footage remains our copyright.

7.Pick up additional charge.

We are extremely flexible with drop off and collection times, and try to be as understanding and fair as possible in regard to our charging – there will be times though where a delay of more than a few hours will result in an additional charge.


In the event of a cancellation due to special circumstances or emergencies, when there is a waiting list and we are able to re-book the space, a full or partial credit towards a future stay may be offered.